Annaliese Dankers

Animals Assistant

Why are you passionate about farm education? I think knowing about food and it's connection with the rest of nature - from weather patterns to pests - enhances the very experience of eating! And when we appreciate where our food comes from and all the work that goes into that, I think we better appreciate nature and its importance to our survival. When kids get the chance to go out on a real farm and learn about food, they access these values and have a ton of fun!

What is your food philosophy? I think people should have a relationship with their food. When I cook, I like to know where my food comes from and if I'm lucky who grew it or the history of the food. Food is our most tangible connection to the earth, and this helps us grow in our appreciation and understanding of our environment. Everyone has to eat so our food relationship is the easiest way to get people to care about our world.