Laura Rodgers

Program Coordinator

Laura grew up outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan and attended Michigan State University. She had been bouncing between jobs in agriculture and education until she found the perfect blend of both these interests at the McDowell Farm School! In her free time around McDowell she enjoys playing sports, board games, and making crafts like goat milk soap. She dreams of having a small homestead style farm of her own and spending one month of each year on a long vacation just cruising on her bicycle.

Why are you passionate about farm education? I became interested in farming because I thought it was the most practical thing I could do for people. We eat food every single day. Food is essential for our survival - it is life giving. But after a couple of seasons farming I realized I wanted to share more than just the food. I wanted to share the process. On a teaching farm we share our experiments, ideas, and designs while getting input from others. It feels like a living scientific document. But without the boring parts.

I'm proud to be a part of the farm education movement because it empowers individuals to think for themselves. It is a way to learn the value of working with others to develop ideas and accomplish goals. Farm education teaches patience as we wait for seeds to grow. It teaches kindness as we care for animals that can be difficult. Students are introduced to potential careers because they are given the opportunity to apply classroom learning. And classroom learning becomes more valuable because they connect the information to their world and their passions.