Teel Gordon


I knew I was a farmer several months into my farming apprenticeship on the day that I woke up and realized that my dresser was covered in irrigation pieces, electrical tape, harvest knives, and lists upon lists of daily farm tasks blurry from water and covered in soil. It was a simultaneously sudden and gradual shift away from the life that I had known as an accountant in Missouri to a farm apprentice in California. The landscape of my life was completely different overnight, but my internal shift took much longer. Food advocacy and community gardening had been a weeknight and weekend activity as a volunteer with a few different organizations while working full time. But purposefully brushing past all the plants on the garden paths, endless conversations on vegetables, weeks and months of hands in the soil (and on every piece of irrigation equipment!) and finally to having enough knowledge to share with our daily and monthly volunteers on the farm was a longer process. As a city girl with a business background defining myself as a farmer is incredibly exciting and feels like a title that I'm still in the process of earning.