Where We Are

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The McDowell Far School is located at the Wonderful, Wonderful Camp McDowell! Agriculture is part of our heritage, and it is in the history of the entire community. We are privileged to have 40 acres of forest, canyons, creeks and pasture as the beautiful setting for our farm, nestled in the 1100 acres of McDowell property in Winston County, Alabama.


While attending our programs, people stay at the newly built facilities of Bethany Village. Our cabins are tucked behind the pines, built in small communities of two or three buildings, universally designed and accessible to all people. They also just so happen to be brand new! Our ten cabins can hold up to 18 people, complete with private bathrooms and showers, heat and storm shelters. All cabins circle the dining hall where meals are served and prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff! Each meal includes a vegetarian option. As we continue to expand, we hope to provide more and more of our own produce for our kitchens, not just for the McDowell Farm School, but for other programs available at Camp McDowell.