Current Staff


Andrew Shea

Director & Produce Ambassador

After scouring the nether regions of our planet and beyond in search of Utopian habitation, Andrew has returned to McDowell. Most recently working as a goodwill ambassador of the island of Hispaniola, his diverse career path has led him to the understanding that the heart of nurturing change lies in the grumbling belly of us all. With the benefit of the history behind us, the land and its inhabitants, and a future that is yet to be determined, he hopes to create a vision of the way things ought to be, right here. His door is always unlocked, keys in the ignition.

Why are you passionate about farm education? The farm is the place where our connections to the land is most readily apparent. When we take time to observe and nurture the relationships we create here, we find ourselves happier, healthier, and at a greater understanding of what needs to be done for one another and our planet. If you plant, you grow.


Annaliese Danckers

Program Coordinator

Annaliese is embarking on her fifth season at McDowell Farm School. With a background in environmental sociology, lots of teaching experience, and her past seasons at the farm, she is looking forward to another exciting season at McDowell! She is passionate about sustainability from the local to international level and loves the connections students make between food grown at the farm and how food interacts with their daily lives.


Aubrey Gallegos

Farm Manager

Now our Farm Manager, Aubrey came to McDowell Farm School in 2017 as a seasonal instructor and Livestock Educator. She has worked on a wide range of farms around the world, including countries like Chile, Thailand, Ireland, and the U.K. Her passion for experiential education was born out of her work as an environmental educator aboard historic wooden sailing ships in the Puget Sound and on the Hudson River. She's thrilled to be able to combine her love of farming and education here at McDowell Farm School. Aubrey loves the work and lifestyle of farming, as well as its unique potential to connect us with where our food comes from, and to illuminate our role as conscious consumers and stewards of our environment.

In addition to farms and sailing ships, Aubrey has also lived in Brooklyn, NY where she was the Community Engagement & Education Director at POV, the award-winning documentary series on PBS. Along with her team, Aubrey developed national engagement campaigns for POV documentaries, produced film-specific discussion guides and lesson plans, and facilitated 600+ free screenings and discussions across the country every year. In total, Aubrey has been involved in campaigns for more than 70 documentaries. She has also facilitated events on Capitol Hill and served as a juror and panelist at a number of film festivals and screenings.

Music is a big part of Aubrey’s life and, wherever she is in the world, you can usually find her playing her mandolin at bluegrass jams.


Carol Ann Head


Carol Ann has been working with food in various roles since she was 15. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, she grew up in Tennessee and since then has had the opportunity to travel and work in different cities teaching about food and business operations from a the point-of-view of a restaurant opener. She is excited to return to Camp McDowell - where she has spent many summers - to both teach and learn about farming and food from a completely different perspective.

Audrey Kolde


Audrey grew up in the heel of the boot Louisiana, where her first memory of planting and caring for a plant was with a row of sunflowers outside her window. Since then she has found a love of food systems due to it being a connection between science and nature to people in communities. The connection between the past and present, and the story that the land tells. She has been engaging that community and history by working with a food hub, school garden club, community garden, at Bethlehem Farm, and now McDowell Farm School.