Mollie Rose Krumholz


Mollie Rose grew up playing in the woods of Southern Connecticut, exploring Long Island Sound, and hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Her first two weeks working on a farm in 2009 were spent ripping out hundreds of tomato plants infected with blight. Afterwards she still liked farming, and has been figuring out how to stay connected to the seasonal pull of growing her own food ever since. She studied as a social geographer and place-based educator, and in all her work aims to build a more harmonious relationship with Earth. She spent this last year giving away most of her possessions, driving across the country (twice,) and living on a vegetable farm in Vermont baking sourdough bread and hosting foot-stomping concerts. Before that she lived for nine years in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, where she fell in love with cabins, lakes, and her cat Simone. As an educator, she's taught classes in backcountry leadership, urban adventures, nature connection, and food preservation. She's also worked in all kinds of kitchens, developing skills in sushi, fermentation, and plant-based cuisine. Her favorite odd job was as a display designer at a vintage shop, where the furniture was constantly changing (but always groovy). She's super inspired by the intersection of hospitality, art, and environment, and can always find a way to turn the conversation into one about pickles. A creative by impulse, her art focuses on telling stories of social justice, right livelihoods, and ecological connection. Mollie Rose is so incredibly honored to be joining the McDowell crew and stoked to be exploring the natural magic of Alabama.